VB Quicktakes

VB Quicktakes is a list of useful code functions/modules which can be easily modified to be used in Visual Basic apps. The code is accompanied with a simple explanation. This code may be used in your own projects as long as you acknowledge its origin via a link to the MREDKJ website OR by contacting us.

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FindADrive This sample code shows how to use the FileSystem object to locate specific drives.
Binding Controls Bind text boxes to an ado recordset at runtime.
Recent Files A module which can be added to any project to create a files menu list.
String Concatenation An example which demonstrates a more efficient method for adding characters to strings.
Hide Cursor Uses an API call to hide the mouse cursor.
Create Hyperlink Turn labels into hyperlinks!
Close/Log Off of Windows Shut down or log off your computer with VB.
Smilie Creating Round Windows and creating windows that remain the top window.
Subclassing Pass data between two separate visual basic applications using subclassing.
Isdimed This function returns true if an array has been dimensioned.
MapDrive This code allows you to map drive letters.
RecursiveSearch This function recursively search a directory and returns a string array of the results.
Exists in Collection This function checks for the existence of a key in a collection.
Dictionary This code demonstrates the use of the dictionary object as a replacement for VBs standard Collection object.
WordWrap This is a word wrap function faster than any I've found on the net..
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