The song from the Budweiser Select commercials - Galvanize

The ads where the Budweiser Select crown take the shape of various items.

The ad

In "Band", it shows the Bud Select crown logo in an art gallery chair, cue stick bridge, motorcycle tire treads, guy's spiked hair, frying pan oil, paint splattered on a canvas, fireside rug, and a band exiting into the light of a door.

In "Veranda", it shows the Bud Select crown logo in paint splattered on a canvas, woman pressing lipstick on a napkin, motorcycle tire treads, chess piece (king), ski pole baskets, rip in woman's jeans, trophy fish (marlin) dorsal fin, and city skyline from the veranda.



The song


Performed by

The Chemical Brothers (featuring Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest)

The song can be found on...

The Chemical Brothers' Push the Button

Song available for download at iTunes Music Store
Galvanize - Galvanize - The Chemical Brothers - Push the Button

This song is also part of the iTunes collection Commercial Successicon

The advertisement can be found...

You can view ads named "Band" and "Veranda" at The site says you have to be 21 years of age to enter.

The lyrics used in the commercial

The world is holding back
The time has come to
Don't hold back
There's a party over here
So you might as well be here
Where the people care
Don't hold back


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