The song from the Coca-Cola commercial 'Fountain Pour' - I'm a Criminal

The ad where a guy in a convenience store "sip steals"

The ad

Coca-Cola commercial where a guy is at a self-serve soda fountain in a convenience store, filling up a cup of Coke he's going to purchase. Things get a little messy when it spills over, so he decides to take a sip. The store owner, who's on the phone, glances over suspiciously, so the guy crouches a little to take another sip. He then levels off / sips the drink a couple more times before starting towards the counter.


Sip stealing
Not a felony in all 50 states

The song

I'm a Criminal

Performed by

Paul Reddick & The Sidemen

The song can be found on...

Paul Reddick's Rattlebag

Song available for download at iTunes Music Store
I'm a Criminal - I'm a Criminal - Paul Reddick & The Sidemen - Rattlebag

This song is also part of the iTunes collection Commercial Successicon

The advertisement can be found...

A video stream of the "Fountain Pour" commercial is available at

The lyrics used in the commercial

I'm a criminal, sent to swipe and steal.

Other sources

Read more about Paul Reddick and the Coca-Cola commercial in the Canadian Press article Toronto blues artist gets attention with Coke ad

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