The song from the Diet Coke commercial 'Loft' - I Like The Way

The ad where the guy is in his apartment getting ready to go out

The ad

Diet Coke commercial, entitled "Loft", where a guy dances around his New York City apartment getting ready to go out. He's wearing red socks, and jumps off the bed into his shoes.


Live like you
own the spotlight

The song

I Like The Way

Performed by


The song can be found on...

Bodyrockers' Bodyrockers

Song available for download at iTunes Music Store
I Like the Way - I Like the Way - Bodyrockers - Bodyrockers

This song is also part of the iTunes collection Commercial Successicon

The advertisement can be found...

A video stream of the "Loft" commercial is available at in the ads and posters section.

The lyrics used in the commercial

I like the way you move
I like the way you put your hands up in the air
But most of all
I like the way you move

Loft guy

Comments made at and say the Loft guy is Paul Papadakis.

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