Art 'N Sketches

We have some human portraits on display right now. All content is amiable to the eyes, which is to say, appropriate for all ages. However, the actual quality of the work is up to debate. To fill up some of the white space of the page, I'll throw in some pomposity mixed with self-deprecation in the vicinity of the images.

For a little mystique, the subjects of these portraits are not identified here. Suffice it to say that they are all notable figures of the past and present. One a supermodel, one a recording artist, and one a legendary track athlete. Oh, and for another clue, check out the names of the image files.

laetitia Here's the supermodel. It is a simple portrait of her face. I hope I did her justice, because it's a fine line between a friendly gaze and a menacing stare. If you click on the thumbnail, a larger version will open. For better or worse, this image file has not been cleaned up via computer. It was just scanned in and cropped, so you may notice it replete with pencil smudges.
fiona Here's the recording artist. It is a rendering of her visage. In fact, the source of the portrait is the cover of her first cd. It's actually a little extended beyond what the cd reveals on the front. By taking artistic liberty with the lower portion of her face, I seem to have overemphasized her mouth into a crude pout. Unlike the supermodel picture, this one has been touched up in a computer imaging program.
pre Here's the legendary track athlete. Ok, so this picture is not a big mystery. It is actually included in the MREDKJ running section with this version. However, if you click on the thumbnail to the left, you'll notice the larger version has a blue tint to it. That effect was applied via computer, giving the picture a nighttime feel.
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