The song from the Hilton Journeys commercial 'Sandcastle' - Wanna Fly

The line drawing ad where a father and his daughter build a sandcastle

The ad

The Hilton Journeys series of commercials all utilize line drawing animations to depict some enjoyable experience. The ads have a simple message that a vacation should pamper, empower, and entertain.

In 'Sandcastle', a father and his daughter build a sandcastle.


Travel is more than just A to B
Travel should be playful

Travel should take you places

The song

Wanna Fly

Performed by


The song can be found on...

Vassy's My Affection

Song available for download at iTunes Music Store
Wanna Fly - Wanna Fly - Vassy - Vassy - EP

This song is also part of the iTunes collection Commercial Successicon

The advertisement can be found...

Hilton has a web site dedicated to this brand of commercials - From the main page, click View Site Content, and under the heading Hilton Advertising, click TV Commercials.

Also in the Site Content section, under the heading Musicians, there is an interview with Vassy.

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