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A list of celebrity heights


In 1998 I put together a small list of celebrity heights that were gathered from a few sources. The idea was to continually add new entries and have a comprehensive list of heights. Unfortunately I quickly gave up on the plan.

Here is the list as I originally wrote it several years ago, but with updates to the IMDb information and links.

Serena Altschul 5'7" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p50
Jennifer Aniston 5'5" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p33
Fiona Apple 5'2" Yahoo! Web Celeb
David Boreanaz 6'1" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p34
Benjamin Bratt 6'2" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p27
James Brolin 6'4" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p52
Yancy Butler 5'7" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p36
Mariah Carey 5'8" VH1 Pop Up Video
Lisa Nicole Carson 5'6" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p49
Laetitia Casta 5'7" Internet Movie Database
Chevy Chase 6'4" VH1 Pop Up Video
John Cleese 6'5" TV Guide; Issue #2309; p62
David Duchovny 6'0½" Internet Movie Database
Jenna Elfman 5'10" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p26
Milla Jovovich 5'8" Internet Movie Database
Craig Kilborn 6'4" TV Guide; Issue #2308; p26
Lucy Lawless 5'10" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p45
Jeremy London 5'11" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p46
Costas Mandylor 6'0" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p28
Dylan McDermott 6'0" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p48
Alyssa Milano 5'2" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p29
Jada Pinkett 5'0" Parade Magazine; 7/6/97; p2
Keanu Reeves 6'1" Internet Movie Database
Jeri Ryan 5'8" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p42
Arnold Schwarzenegger 6'2" Trivia Pursuit: Genus II Edition
Klea Scott 5'8" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p37
Jon Seda 5'9" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p40
Paul Simon 5'3" Internet Movie Database
Will Smith 6'2" Parade Magazine; 7/6/97; p2
Jon Tenney 6'1" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p36
Charlize Theron 5'9½" Internet Movie Database
Andrea Thompson 5'8" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p38
Keenen Ivory Wayans 6'3" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p32
Titus Welliver 6'0" TV Guide; Issue #2330; p37

Sources - Can you trust them?

People lie about their heights, so you have to take any height information with a grain of salt.

IMDb - The information in the IMDb largely consists of user-submitted data from both amateurs and industry professionals. This means that height information can come from any number of sources. Stats are not available for every person, but if it is, you can find it in the person's respective biography page.

Print / media publications - I'd like to think that print publications such as TV Guide have more reliable height facts than IMDb, but I don't know where they get their information. My guess is journalists get their information from what a celebrity or publicist says. And in some cases based on what public records say.

Where to find other celebrity heights

Curious as to the current state of celebrity height information, I searched around for a good repository.

Google technique

To find a person's height using Google, enter in how tall is, then the person's name. It works for most famous names. This trick is one example of Google's Q&A feature.

If Google is able to find an answer for your query, the top result will summarize the height and link to the source. I've noticed a variety of sources including IMDb and Wikipedia.

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