Cartoon dog (with a question mark)

Or is it a bear?

The purpose of bumper stickers is obvious. It's so your car can tell the world how it's feeling. Like when an old, beat-up jalopy has a sticker that says "My other car is a Porsche" it means the poor thing has low self esteem.

But what about those oval stickers? Like when there's an SUV with a round sticker that simply says OBX, it means the vehicle is getting tired of driving around the city, and wants to go to the beach. It is a sport utility vehicle after all.

What if your car doesn't know what to say? Perhaps a cartoon dog (or is that a bear) could limn the look of bewilderment. The mascot is up to the challenge of adorning an automobile, and meaning absolutely nothing. mascot stickers for sale at CafePress

mredkj mascot

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