The song from the Old Navy commercial 'Spring Loves Stripes' - Clap! Shake! Jump!

The ad where a bunch of people wearing brightly colored striped fashions line up and hold hands


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Below is information about an older Old Navy commercial.

The ad

A woman jumps into place, and to her left a guy joins hands with her. Many others follow suit by dancing, running, and somersaulting into line all around nearby streets and buildings until finally another woman joins hands on the original woman's right, completing the circle.


Stripes All Around

The song

Clap! Shake! Jump!

Performed by

The song is a collaboration between labelmates Behavior and Andrea Revel. The man behind Behavior is Michael McCann, who is also a driving force behind the label Behavior Music Inc.

The song can be found on...

In April 2006*, the song should be available at online music retailers such as iTunes. For now, a 2 minute version is available at and

* April has come and gone, and the song still isn't available at iTunes.

The advertisement can be found...

At one time the video was available at, but as of March 31, 2006 it wasn't featured. Luckily it's also available at and

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