The song from the Old Navy commercial 'New Naturals' - Summertime Girlfriend

The ad where a bunch of people dance on a rooftop


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Below is information about an older Old Navy commercial.

The ad

A group of friends are having a party on a building rooftop with a nice view of the surrounding city. A man and woman start dancing, and everyone else joins in.


New Naturals
(spoken) At great Old Navy prices, it's easy to fall in love with New Naturals

The song

Summertime Girlfriend

Performed by

A.M. Sixty (also spelled AM60), which is fronted by Chris Root.

The song can be found on...

A.M. Sixty's Big As The Sky

Song available for download at iTunes Music Store
Summertime Girlfriend - Summertime Girlfriend - A.M. Sixty - Big As the Sky

This song is also part of the iTunes collection Commercial Successicon

The advertisement can be found...

As of March 2006, it's available at in "The Latest Buzz" section.

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