The song from the Old Navy commercial - Check it Out

The ad where a young woman reveals dancing people behind her


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The ad

Under palm trees by a beach, a young woman dances back and forth. Through the magic of special effects, a large group of people is revealed behind her thin frame, and everyone breaks into a spontaneous dance. In the end, the whole group disappears again in back of the girl.


Make It Madras

The song

Check it Out

Performed by


The song can be found on...


"Check It Out" is available as a bonus track on the May 4, 2004 U.S. release of Kokomemedada. The amazon link above doesn't list the bonus track, but I've purchased it through amazon, and can attest that "Check It Out" is included.

The advertisement can be found...

As of May/June 2006, you can view the video at

Madras Girl

Old Navy Madras

Who's the blonde in the Old Navy Madras commercial? According to a comment at a blog for a different Old Navy girl, the Madras actress is New View model Autumn Armstrong. There's also an update on the New View events page that says, "Watch for Autumn Armstrong in the new Old Navy commercial!"

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