P2P Argument Checklist

Checklists for and against P2P

The checklists (one for / one against) on this page can be used freely. The format is inspired by the "your idea will not work" spam solution checklist. The content is based on my file sharing page, which has references and works cited. So if you're doing research, check it out.

P2P Argument Checklist - Version 1.0

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File sharing is ok because:

( ) CDs cost too much / There are only a few good songs on a CD
( ) Most P2P users wouldn't have bought the song anyway
( ) Files are not stolen, they're copied, so the copyright holder is not losing anything
( ) Music / movie files are low quality and are not a substitute for the real thing
( ) It's not the fault of a P2P network if some people trade copyrighted files
( ) Many artists support P2P, especially new artists who can use it to gain recognition
( ) People should be able to preview entire songs before buying
( ) Word of mouth spreads faster when songs are available in P2P
( ) Artists only get __% of every sale, so the industry is the real criminal
( ) Bands don't make their money from CDs, they make a living by touring and selling merchandise
( ) Popular artists are rich enough already
( ) If taping off the radio / sharing with one friend is ok, then what makes P2P immoral?
( ) Copyright law started off simple, but laws have expanded to benefit big corporations
( ) The RIAA/MPAA have no right to go after P2P networks in other countries
( ) History shows that the industry has complained before and is doing better than ever
( ) Vinyl / 8-track / cassette / CD - and we're expected to buy it over and over
( ) The bad economy is what's causing poor sales

And as a result:

( ) The industry needs to adapt to P2P, or get left behind
( ) Everybody should boycott the music/movie industry
( ) I haven't bought a CD in __ years
( ) Suing their customer base will ultimately prove to be the industry's downfall

File sharing is wrong because:

( ) It's not sharing, it is stealing
( ) You wouldn't steal a CD/DVD from a store, so why do you think it's ok online?
( ) Movies and music have been coming down in price, and are worth buying
( ) The loss may not be tangible, but there is a financial effect
( ) If they aren't compensated, and can't make a living, what will motivate artists to create new works?
( ) There is a direct correlation between P2P and declining music/movie sales
( ) All levels of the industry are affected, many of whom are trying to make ends meet
( ) The ease in which files can be illegally duplicated can devastate the industry
( ) The youth of today are being raised with the false belief that stealing online is ok
( ) P2P networks allow specific songs to be copied at will, so it's not like taping off the radio
( ) There are many online stores that are inexpensive and easy to use
( ) The files on a P2P network may be corrupted or mislabeled, so why take the risk?
( ) Some P2P programs are specifically designed to search for copyrighted files, so their valid uses are negligible
( ) Many artists oppose illegal file sharing

And as a result:

( ) The industry's diligence is what prevents piracy from collapsing the market
( ) It is necessary to educate people about the dangers of P2P, starting at a young age
( ) Laws need to be passed to help the industry deal with copyright infringement

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