RIAA Horse and Buggy Comic

A Comparison

I'm not the first person to compare the RIAA to the horse and buggy, but I decided to draw up this cartoon after reading a recent article that the music industry is concerned digital downloads are harmful to profitability, because people don't buy whole albums when they can pick out individual songs.

RIAA Horse and Carriage - iTunes Car

Legal music downloads are hurting album sales!
The buggy is labeled as RIAA
The passing automobile is labeled as iTunes

Comical Carriage

The comic is just satire, so even though the RIAA wasn't even mentioned by name in the above article, it's funnier than if it said "music industry" on the cart. You can check out my pros and cons of file sharing if you're really up for some flamewar fodder.

Drawing Stuff

Norman Rockwell I'm not, but this drawing came out better than I thought it would. Well, actually it came out worse, then after I scanned it into the computer and added the text, I changed my mind and started to like it. If anyone's interested, the ink was done using a rapidograph.

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