Web 2.0 or Web Two Point-Blank

What's this all about, and more importantly how do you pronounce Web 2.0?

Web 2.0?

A friend of mine said to me, "Isn't Web 2.0 that high speed internet that universities have?"

To which I replied, "Dude, that's Internet 2."

That's right. When I speak I'm able to place hyperlinks in my words. Anyway, now that you know what Web 2.0 isn't, it's time to learn what it is. Then make fun of it.

Let the learning begin

The best way to learn about Web 2.0 is to pretend like the web didn't matter before 2003. A good starting point is to read Tim O'Reilly's What Is Web 2.0. If you can't get past all the rhetoric, then try Paul Graham's insight into Web 2.0.

How do you pronounce Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is fun to say. Web Two Point Oh.

Maybe you pronounce it Web Two Dot Oh, or Web Two Point Zero, or how about Web Two Oh for short. Whatever you do, make sure not to call it Web Two.

After browsing through Web 2.0 Conference audio from 2005 and 2004, I noticed some folks such as Brendan Eich (Mozilla) and the announcer for the audio host (IT Conversations) use the first pronunciation above, Web Two Point Oh. Others like Jeff Bezos (Amazon) call it Web Two Dot Oh.

A rose by any other name

What's more fun than saying Web 2.0? Making up parody puns. I've found a bunch of other sites that have done just that.

* Yeah, I know nought is just the British way of saying 0, but it's funny anyway.

Mine are better though.

Web 2.0 by example

There's a cute little chart in the O'Reilly article that shows examples of Web 1.0 (boo!) versus Web 2.0 (yay!). But what he didn't tell you is Web 2.0 is only the beginning. Web 2.Blank is the next logical step.

Web 2.0   Web 2.Blank
Google AdSense --> made for adsense
Flickr --> Zeigerpointer
BitTorrent --> torrent poisoning
Napster --> DRM
Wikipedia --> vandalism
blogging --> splogging
upcoming.org and EVDB --> still nothing to do
search engine optimization --> Google washing
cost per click --> click fraud
web services --> illegal screen scraping
participation --> comment spam
wikis --> Twiki
tagging ("folksonomy") --> where did I put that?
syndication --> information overload

Buzzword bonanza

Web 2.0 is hearkening in a new wave of buzzwords. Get on board before it's too late.

Web One Point Old (boo!)

Web Two Point New (yay!)

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