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The following reviews include some of our favorite books. We describe a little bit about each one, but mostly the information provided is a subjective analysis of the material.

The New Competitive Runner's Handbook

by Bob Glover and Pete Schuder

This book is the best running reference book I have found to date. It includes information on training for cross-country, the mile, and distances all the way up to marathon and beyond. Not only does this book focus on the experienced runner, but it is also suitable for beginners. The chapters focusing on technique, injury, and nutrition can be useful for all runners.

(Review by Eric)

Pre: The Story of America's Greatest Running Legend, Steve Prefontaine

by Tom Jordan

Pre is a great source for information on Steve Prefontaine. There is a lot of analysis of Pre's running, which a runner will appreciate. But, the book also discusses topics that reveal the mystique of Steve Prefontaine. His story is a sad one, but this book really shows what made him so great.

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