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Add and delete columns dynamically in an HTML table


To add new rows to a table (or table section) you can use insertRow, but there isn't an equivalent insertColumn in the DOM table methods. So what you can do is iterate the rows in the table (or table section), and call insertCell for each row.

Try It

[th] row:0, cell: 0 [th] row:0, cell: 1 [th] row:0, cell: 2
[td] row:0, cell: 0 [td] row:0, cell: 1 [td] row:0, cell: 2
[td] row:1, cell: 0 [td] row:1, cell: 1 [td] row:1, cell: 2
[td] row:2, cell: 0 [td] row:2, cell: 1 [td] row:2, cell: 2


2006-11-05 - Modified
For td cells, the insertCell method can be used. However, insertCell won't add th cells, so I use document.createElement('th') and appendChild.


Public Domain

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The JavaScript



<input type="button" value="add column" onclick="addColumn('tblSample')" />
<input type="button" value="delete column" onclick="deleteColumn('tblSample')" />
<table id="tblSample" border="1">
  <th>[th] row:0, cell: 0</th>
  <th>[th] row:0, cell: 1</th>
  <th>[th] row:0, cell: 2</th>
  <td>[td] row:0, cell: 0</td>
  <td>[td] row:0, cell: 1</td>
  <td>[td] row:0, cell: 2</td>
  <td>[td] row:1, cell: 0</td>
  <td>[td] row:1, cell: 1</td>
  <td>[td] row:1, cell: 2</td>
  <td>[td] row:2, cell: 0</td>
  <td>[td] row:2, cell: 1</td>
  <td>[td] row:2, cell: 2</td>

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