Miscellaneous Windows Tip - Rename a Quick Launch shortcut

Info about the Quick Launch toolbar

Tip - Rename a Quick Launch shortcut:

To change the file name, right click the icon you want to change and select Rename. Enter the new name and click OK

What is Quick Launch? Not to be confused with the system tray, the Quick Launch toolbar is usually located between the Start button and the taskbar. Ever since Windows 95 (with Internet Explorer 4), it has provided an easy way to open programs. You can drag your own shortcuts onto the toolbar, or can remove shortcuts by dragging them off.

You may be thinking, "why should the file name matter, only icons are displayed in the toolbar." But they are just normal files. Notice when you hover over them with the cursor that their tooltips show the file names. If you want to look at Quick Launch in its Windows folder, it should be in your Documents and Settings. For example:
C:\Documents and Settings\YourUser\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

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