JavaScript Widgets and Games

JavaScript Widgets

JavaScript Number Format
Some tips and custom code to format numbers.

Pace Calculators
An index of all the Pace Calculators, which are ideal for runners to calculate either time, distance, or pace.

Calendar Display is a custom object that I created, that displays calendar months or years

Hex Color Preview
Enter in a hexadecimal triplet value to preview the color

JavaScript DOM Traverse
Utility to traverse the DOM under an element

JavaScript Order Form
Add up prices * number of orders per item

JavaScript Games

The games here are written in JavaScript, so make sure your browser is JavaScript enabled. Some of these are Internet Explorer only. This is indicated in the respective descriptions. (The abbreviations mean: IE - tested in Internet Explorer 5.0; NS - tested in Netscape 4.74)

Monty Hall Dilemma

Rules | Play It

This is a simulation of the Monty Hall three doors probability problem. (IE, NS)

Pie Tom Green

Rules | Play It

Take a shot at the infamous Tom Green. Use pies for your arsenal. (IE, NS)

Ping "Pong"

Rules | Play It

Ping Pong is a DHTML one-player ping "pong" game. (IE only)


Rules | Play It

Plinko! (IE, NS)

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rules | Rock It

Rock, Paper, Scissors (IE, NS)


What Rules? | View It

"Sample" is just something to pass the time. A diversion from the norm. There is little that can be said to explain it. (IE, NS)

Slot Machine

Rules | Play It

Slot Machine is a text version of a slot machine. (IE, NS)

Wheel Of...

Rules | Play It

Wheel Of... is a simple hang man game. (IE, NS)

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