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Pace Calculator Version 1.0, Version 1.1, Version 1.2, and Pace Calculator 2 are public domain, as defined in the Terms and Conditions. See the Custom Pace Calculator page for its public domain details.

The following files contained in Pace Calculator Version 1.0 are also in the public domain: runDistOff.gif, runDistOn.gif, runPaceOff.gif, runPaceOn.gif, runTimeOff.gif, and runTimeOn.gif.

Pace Calculator Version 1.2 and the Custom Pace Calculator use two JavaScript files, which are released to the public domain: pacecalc.js and pacecalc_example.js.

The pace calculators here are written in JavaScript, so make sure your browser is JavaScript enabled.

Pace Calculator : Customize

Custom Pace Calculator

Customize your own Pace Calculator look and feel. Put one on your own web site.

Pace Calculator

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Pace Calculator is ideal for runners to calculate either time, distance, or pace.

Version 1.2 was generated via the Customized Pace Calculator tool. If you would like to use Version 1.2 on your own page, the easiest way to get the HTML is to use the Customized Pace Calculator tool. You will also need the JavaScript files: pacecalc.js and pacecalc_example.js. (You may want to refer to MREDKJ's JavaScript Intro.)

Pace Calculator 2

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Pace Calculator 2 is loosely based on the first Pace Calculator. In this one, only time and distance can be entered, but you get a better range of results for pace.

Pace Calculator v.3

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Pace Calculator v.3 - The functionality of the previous pace calculators. Plus! Generate pace charts. Set number of decimal places. And more.

Race Time Predictor

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Race Time Predictor - you can enter times for one of three distances, and approximate times will be predicted for other distances.

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