VS.NET - ASP.NET -ToolTip per node in ASP.NET Treeview control


Microsoft's Treeview Webcontrol does not have a tooltip which works on a per node level. Here are two solutions to the problem.


The first and easiest method is to put an <acronym> tag around the text in any node for which you want a tooltip:
	Me.TreeView1.Nodes(0).Text = "<acronym title=""This is the tooltip"">" & _
		"This is the node text</acronym>"

Another method is to modify the htc file for the treeview control which should be located in a webctrl_client folder under the wwwroot folder.
    if (nodeClass == "parent" && element.getAttribute("showToolTip") != false)
        accessAnchor.title = textNode.innerText + " : " + L_strToolTip_Text;
	var tooltiptext= el.getAttribute("NodeData");
    //if (nodeClass == "parent" && element.getAttribute("showToolTip") != false)
        if (tooltiptext != null)
        accessAnchor.title = tooltiptext;

With this replacement the nodedata will be displayed a the tooltip.
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