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MREDKJ's Programming Tutorials and References

The VB.NET section of MREDKJ contains vb.net & asp.net code samples and tips. Refer to Microsoft's .NET page to get started with vb.net

dropdownbinding.html - Bug or undocumented functionality found when binding a dropdownlist control's value field to a string property.

FixNull.html - VB.NET Function - Handle Null Values returned from a database

OpenSaveImage.html - VB.NET Function - The System.Drawing namespace and image files

RedimTip.html - This is a conversion of the tip contained in my old vb 6 pages.

textboxmaxlength.html - WebControl and Source Code showing how to set the maxlength for a asp.net textbox control.

ReturnOS.html - The function and Enumeration makes finding which OS is running simple.

CustomDragIcon.html - The dragicon property from vb6 no longer exists in vb.net so setting the icon to use for a cursor when dragging is a bit more difficult.

CreateCircleForm.html - Code sample showing how to create non rectangular forms(in the code sample an oval form.).

CheckBoxListItemDisable.html - javascript Function to disable items in an asp.net CheckboxList

AppPath.html - Get the application path of a vb.net executable.

textboxtextchangedpostback.html - Code to get raise the textchanged event when leaving a textbox control

OpenDesignError.html - Solution to the "Could not open in Design view. Quote Values differently inside a '&lgt;%... "value" ...%>' block." error.

OpenURL.html - Opens a URL in the default web application from vb.net

GeneratePrimes.html - This is a simple Prime number algorithm based on the Sieve of Eratosthenes

Novutaire.html - VB.NET source code for solitaire game

UnableToOpenWebProject.html - Solution to "Unable to open web project" Error

ResourceList.html - Links to useful ASP.NET and VB.NET components and resources

CollectionSort.html - VB.NET Functions to sort a collection based on any property of a the class type held by the collection.

RSAdminAccessError.html - Solution to Blank Administrator page in the Report Manager

permutation.html - VB.NET Functions to create all permutations of a given string.

TextboxScriptFunctions.html - Javascript functions to perform simple actions without posting back to the server.

SQLReservedWords.html - Check for sql server 2000 reserved words

NumericTextBox.html - Autocomplete Dropdownlist control for ASP.NET

AutoCompleteDropdownlist.html - Autocomplete Dropdownlist control for ASP.NET

randomnumbers.html - How to generate random numbers using VB.NET

ASPTreeviewStyle.html - Full control over Treeview style

vbnetmapdrive.html - Mapping a drive using VB.net

aspnetdatagridheaderstyle.html - How to format the headers for sortable columns using an external stylesheet

AppPath2005.html - Get the application path of a vb.net 2005 executable.

ReadFile2005.html - Read a text file into a string variable with vb.net 2005

downloadfile.html - How to Ping,Upload and Download using vb.net vb.net 2005

JSConfirmMessage.html - Very simple code to ASP.NET to allow a user to confirm or cancel a button click

zerofill.html - Format a number to be zero filled

GetHexColor.html - VB.NET Convert System.Drawing.Color to Hex String Function

scriptCallback.html - A Simple Script Callback example written in VB.Net

CompositeMortgageControl.html - Mortgage Calculator Composite control

AnimatedGifOnPostback.html - ASP.NET Keep an animated gif from freezing after triggering a postback.

RSNullCheck.html - Check For Null Column Value in an Reporting Services Textbox expression.

HideCursor.html - This is a conversion of the tip contained in my old vb 6 pages. The code hides a mouse cursor in a vb.net application.

Closebrowser.html - Very simple code to close a browser window on a button click in ASP.NET

pageloadnotfiring.html - Page Load not fired for pages opened with showModalDialog

ASPTreeviewToolTip.html - How to display a toolTip per node in the MS Treeview Webcontrol

WaitScreenControl.html - Wait Screen Control

PreventPostbackFlash.html - Using page transitions to eliminate flicker on page postbacks

vbcrlf.html - Best method for adding new lines to text in .net

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