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Listed below are some great free resources for ASP.NET and VB.NET development. If there are any great free tools not on this list please let me know. If you have any difficulty locating the downloads or if the links no longer work please email us and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction and if necessary update the list.(feedback link on the left)

List of Resources:

Excentrics World
ASP.NET controls
Accordion PanelThe AccordionPanel extends the functionality of the Collapsable Panel control allowing all AccordionPanel controls to be linked together. This will create an effect on a webpage where any other AccordionPanel contained on the webpage will be collapsed when one is expanded. A great example of this, is the Outlook sidebar, in which you have multiple panels that are collapsed once a new one is selected.
Bread Crumb TrailWill allow the developer to place this control anywhere on a site. When a page is visited (that hasn't been visited previously) a new link will be added. If they visit a page already in the hiearchy, the control will be reset to that page.
Calendar PopupAllows you to easily create a popup calendar that does not require a postback to the server. Is supported for Netscape 4 and above.
Collapsable Panel This inherits and extends the DataGrid adding the ability to display a templated row when no data exists.
Empty DataGrid Allows you to easily create a section of content in your web form that can be collapsable. Support for IE 5+ and Netscape 6+.
Faq Repeater This new data-bound templated control will allow you to add a Faq style listing of question and answers similar to what is found at Microsoft's Website.
Masked Textbox Add a masked textbox control where you can define what you want your users to type in. Javascript support for IE 5+ and Netscape 6+. Built in RegularExpressionValidator that you can turn on and off, which helps for validation of data.
Multi-Text List Controls These controls extend DropDownList and ListBox, allowing for the developer to add a second data-bound column to the List Item Text. Also adds new methods for easily selecting list items.
Numeric Box Allows you to easily add a textbox to your webform and only allow numerical data to be entered. Javascript support for IE 5+ and Netscape 6+.
Ordered Listbox This control extends my Multi-Text List Box control, allowing you to order the List Items by moving them up and down in the control. You also have the ability to move List Items from one Ordred List Box control to the other via PostBack or client side Javascript
Time Picker Allows you to easily create a popup time picker for easy selection of times throughout the day.
Microsoft Web Controls
ASP.NET controls
TreeView The TreeView facilitates the authoring of Web pages containing hierarchical datasets, folder views, and other similar structures.
Toolbar The Toolbar can be used to author UI elements that render and function in ways similar to the toolbars in Microsoft Windows applications. In uplevel browsers, the Toolbar can have rich interactive behavior. For example, it can dock with other elements in a Web page or the browser window and can modify its orientation accordingly.
TabStrip Tabbing control usually used in conjucntion with the multipage control
MultiPageThe MultiPage control is used as a container for pages of Web content, which are activated when a Tab is selected. A MultiPage is a container for a collection of PageView elements
ASP.NET Resource Kit
ASP.NET controls
Sample projects
Utilities and more
ComponentOne WebGrid, WebReports, WebChart, WebDataObjects, WebMenus, PayPal, WebBars A special edition of ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET that includes a development license for all of the Q2 2003 versions of ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET (WebForms) components. Studio Enterprise for ASP.NET is a comprehensive suite of components including grid, reporting, charting, data, user-interface, and eCommerce components for ASP.NET. Developers are free to create and distribute solutions using these controls.
Infragistics ASP.NET Grid and WebComboThe NetAdvantage ASP.NET grid is an advanced grid with true hierarchical support and unbound mode, allowing you to provide a rich-client look-and-feel in your ASP.NET applications. Display data within a browser through a variety of practical and eye-pleasing methods, including scrolling, paging, grouping and hierarchical formats, value lists, in-cell dropdown multi-column combo, and dropdown date chooser.
/n software IP*Works! CC ICharge IP*Works! CC ICharge provides and easy-to-use interface for communicating with major Internet Payment Aggregators (Payment Gateways). As a true .NET component, ICharge can be easily integrated in ASP.NET applications and provides a fast and easy solution for businesses that need to accept credit cards. Security for ASP.NET allows you to protect your server from automated programs. A web page that contains the Human Verification Component acts as a virtual gatekeeper who ensures that only real people and no automated programs fill out forms on your site. The component does this by displaying a code in an image that cannot be read using Optical Character Recognition and requiring the user to enter this code in a text field. If the code matches, you can be sure that you are dealing with a real person and proceed. If the code doesn't match, the validation for the page will fail and an error message will be shown.
telerik r.a.d.rotatortelerik r.a.d.rotator is a multipurpose component for DHTML content rotation and personalization. From stock tickers and news scrollers, to product spotlights, weather forecasts, testimonials, running promotions and banner ads, r.a.d.rotator delivers high interactivity and user involvement. The product is extremely easy to customize through flexible frame templates. The rotated content can be obtained by databinding with XML files, strings or streams, DataSet, DataReader, or ArrayList. telerik r.a.d.spell enables developers to add multilingual spellchecking capabilities to their ASP.NET applications. The component is completely customizable and can be attached to any server- or client-side editable element (textbox, div, iframe). It currently supports 18 languages and can have custom user dictionaries for every language.
VB.NET Resource Kit
VB.NET controls
ASP.NET controls
Sample projects and more
ComponentOne True DBGrid, FlexGrid, Reports, Preview, Charting Components, DataObjects, Input controls, List, Zip compression, Menus and Toolbars, Spellchecker and Thesaurus plus ASP.NET Controls(same as in ASP.NET resource kit) You are receiving a special edition of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise that includes a development license for all ComponentOne Studio Enterprise .NET (WinForms) and ASP.NET (WebForms) components. Studio Enterprise for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET is a comprehensive suite of components including grid, reporting, charting, data, user-interface, and eCommerce components for .NET and ASP.NET. Developers are free to create and distribute solutions using these controls.
Dundas Software Dundas Chart Dundas Software and Dundas Chart continue to change the way companies chart their data. Not only do you get stunning charts that are second to none, but you can also manipulate and analyze your data like no other charting component available.
Infragistics UltraWebNavigator and UltraWinTree Includes WebTree and WebMenu controls as well as WinForm TreeView,ProgressBar, and Scrollbar controls Communications control Communications control makes it easy to add scalable serial communications to all your .NET applications.
C# to VB.NET Code Convertor Simple file-based conversion tool
Visual Basic .NET Power Pack

VB.NET controls
BlendPanel This provides a background for a form where the color fades from one shade to another.
UtilityToolbar This is a toolbar whose look and feel is similar to the Internet Explorer toolbar.
ImageButton This is a button that displays a graphic over a transparent background.
NotificationWindow This displays text and graphics in a pop-up window (commonly known as "toast").
TaskPane This is a container that provides collapsible frames for displaying additional information on a form.
FolderViewerThis displays directories in a hierarchical format.
FileViewer This displays a list of the files in a specified directory.
Metabuilders Web tools

ASP.NET controls
Bound Boolean Column This is a databound column for the DataGrid which provides easy editing of Boolean values. It has a few modes, checkbox, radiobutton list, and dropdownlist.
Bound Lookup Column This is a databound column for the DataGrid which provides a DropDownList in edit mode. It is most usefull for data fields which are lookups to other tables.
CheckedListBox ControlDisplays a ListBox in which a check box is displayed to the left of each item.
ComboBox Control This is an emulation of the Windows.Forms ComboBox. It is the combination of a Textbox, with a DropDownList. For browsers with good script and css support, the control will display as a normal ComboBox.
Confirmed Buttons Control This is a collection of buttons which request confirmation from the user before posting back to the server. Included is a normal button, a link button, and an image button.
CustomForm ControlThis control allows a server form to post to any url you want. It's simply a matter of setting the Action property of the form.
DefaultButtons Control This non-visual control allows you to assign a button to the "enter-pressed" clientside event of input controls. This makes it so that when the user presses Enter while in a textbox, the form will postback, and the serverside click event of your button is fired. The is done on a per-input-control basis.
DialogWindow Control SetThis is a framework for displaying dialog windows in your application.
DualList ControlThe DualList is a control designed for the passing items from an available list of items to a "chosen" list of items.
DynamicListBox Control The DynamicListBox is a ListBox which can retrieve and persist any client-side changes to its Items collection.
ExpandingButtons Control SetThis is a set of the expanding buttons, they all are targeted at the same asp:Panel control.
ExpandingPanel Control This is a panel which expands and contracts with a button. It is templated, so you can make it look however you want.
FileUpload ControlTThis is a better implementation of the file uploading html element. It has all the functionality of the built-in HtmlInputFile control, but includes server side styles and events like other WebControls.
FirstFocus Control This control creates the proper javascript to give focus to control after the page has loaded.
GlobalRadioButton ControlThis is an enhancement for the built in RadioButton control. It supports the idea of having a page-level, global GroupName.
ListLink ControlThe ListLink control creates a parent/child relationship between two lists. It is DataBound on the server side, and generates the neccessary clientscript to do everything dynamicly on the client.
MasterPages Templating FrameworkA version of the MasterPages components released by the team. What has been added is the ability to nest regions, so you could have a basic master that defined a header and footer, a second level master that defined left and right columns within the basic master, and a content pages can choose which master they want to use.
NestedRepeater The NestedRepeater is a Repeater control which is designed to display child records of a hierarchal dataset. With the NestedRepeater, it is not neccessary to set the datasource of the nested repeater, but only to declare the DataRelation which the child records will come from.
OneClick ControlThe OneClick control allows a page developer to determine if the user has submitted a form more than once without waiting for the first submision to complete.
ParsingContainer ControlThis is a non-visual control which parses a string of html which may include server controls.
QueryCall ComponentThe QueryCall component maps QueryString commands to method calls on the Page handling the request. This allows a developer to call methods on other pages with a QueryString parameter with a simple link.
RemoteWindow Control This is a subclass of HyperLink which makes it easy to open the link in a "remote" or ( sorry ) "popup" style window, with no adornments or buttons..
ResizeMonitor ControlThe ResizeMonitor control raises server-side events when the user changes their browser window size.
RollOverLink ControlThis is a subclass of HyperLink which includes a RollOverImageUrl property. It's just an easy way to create the classic image rollover.
RowSelectorColulmn DataGrid ColumnThis is a column for the DataGrid which has a single radiobutton or checkbox in each row. On postback, you can query the column for the currently selected row(s).
RuntimeTemplate ComponentRuntimeTemplate makes it easier to create templates completely via code.
ScrollingPanel ControlThis is a subclass of Panel which includes scrollbars. The scroll position is persisted across postbacks via script.
TypeValidators Control SetThese are a couple simple validators that work with the validation framework. Both are already somewhat supported in the builtin validators, but these are more flexible. Most notably, the DateTimeValidator supports time values, and the CurrencyValidator supports a wider range of currency strings. They use VBScript on the clientside, so only browsers supporting VBScript ( IE for now ) have clientside validation.
UpDown ControlThis is an emulation of the Windows.Forms NumericUpDown. It is the combination of a Textbox, with an up and down pair of buttons.

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