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(Pace Calculator 2 is different from Race Time Predictor, because the Predictor takes into consideration the slowdown that occurs when racing longer distances. Pace Calculator 2 gives the results at the same pace, which is better for getting splits.)

This pace calulator is useful for runners who need to use one pace to calculate the times for some common distances. Enter in a time and a distance, click the "Calculate" button and the results will appear in the text area on the right. The first result is the pace (in miles per hour). The other results are the times for different distances at the original pace.

The time is entered in a hh:mm:ss format, where "hh" is hours, "mm" is minutes, and "ss" is seconds. This formatting is a little flexible. For example, if the time to be entered for 5000 meters is 15 minutes and 20 seconds, some ways it can be written are 00:15:20 or :15:20 or 15:20 If the time for 400 meters is 51 seconds, the simple way to write it is 51

The distance can be selected from a list or entered in. Select the appropriate radio (aka option) button. For "Select a distance", the drop-down list has some commonly raced distances. If the "Or enter customized" option is selected, the results will use the number entered in the text box. (Please enter only a number.) The measurement units are selected to the right of the text box (chose from miles, meters, and kilometers).

The constants used are 26.219 miles in a marathon, 1760 yards in a mile, 1000 meters in a kilometer, and 1609 meters in a mile.

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