Pace Calculator v.3


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On the left side (the blue section) is where you enter two of the three criteria. Check off the desired result by selecting the "radio" button to the left of TIME, DISTANCE, or PACE. Then, enter in the other two fields and click Calculate. The Clear button will erase the contents of the three fields.

On the right side (the orange section) is where you can choose some options. The upper right section is the chart option. Check off "Create chart" if you want a chart to be generated. It will open in a new window. Then choose either "various" or "pace splits", which are sub-categories of the chart. A "various" chart creates a list of times for various distances (at the same pace that is in the PACE field in the blue section). And a "pace splits" chart creates a list of times. The split interval is the same as the PACE per distance, and the sum of the intervals is equivalent to the DISTANCE field. The other "Create chart" option is in what measurements you want the results to be: Metric, English, or Metric & English.

The lower right side (still the orange section) is where you can set the precision of the results. You can choose from rounding to 0, 1, 2, or 3 decimal places.

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