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Public Domain Dedication

Pace Calculator Version 1.0, Version 1.1, and Version 1.2 are public domain, but the contents of this page are still copyrighted as defined in the Terms and Conditions.

The following files contained in Pace Calculator Version 1.0 are also in the public domain: runDistOff.gif, runDistOn.gif, runPaceOff.gif, runPaceOn.gif, runTimeOff.gif, and runTimeOn.gif.

Pace Calculator Version 1.2 uses two JavaScript files, which are released to the public domain: pacecalc.js and pacecalc_example.js.


Version 1.0 | Version 1.1 | Version 1.2


Version 1.0

Pace Calculator can calculate for either TIME, DISTANCE, or PACE. Time is accurate to the seconds. Distance is available in miles, meters, or kilometers (where 1609 meters equals a mile). And pace is available per mile, 400 meters, or kilometer.

Version 1.1

Same as Pace Calculator v.1.0, but can enter time in seconds, minutes, and *hours* now. And the layout is simpler, sans images.

Version 1.2

The changes from Version 1.1 include a "Yards" unit of measure for distance, and the time & pace fields show results in two digits (i.e. 00:00:00)

Version 1.2 was generated via the Customized Pace Calculator tool. If you would like to use Version 1.2 on your own page, the easiest way to get the HTML is to use the Customized Pace Calculator tool. You will also need the JavaScript files: pacecalc.js and pacecalc_example.js. (You may want to refer to MREDKJ's JavaScript Intro.)

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