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Pace Calculator

Pace Calculator - Pace Calculator is ideal for runners to calculate either time, distance, or pace. Time is accurate to the seconds. Distance is available in miles, meters, or kilometers (where 1609 meters equals a mile). And pace is available per mile, 400 meters, or kilometer.

Pace Calculator 2

Pace Calculator 2 - Pace Calculator 2 is loosely based on the first Pace Calculator. In this one, only time and distance can be entered. And instead of just one result, there is a listing of several distances with the time calculated for each. More information is provided on the page with Pace Calculator 2.

(Pace Calculator 2 is different from Race Time Predictor, because the Predictor takes into consideration the slowdown that occurs when racing longer distances. Pace Calculator 2 gives the results at the same pace, which is better for getting splits.)

Race Time Predictor

Race Time Predictor - Race Time Predictor is another utility that's great for runners. To use it, select which distance will be the base distance (1500m, 5000m, 10000m). Then, enter the time for this distance. Press Calculate and estimated times will then be displayed for other distances.

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