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September 17, 2004
VB.NET: New pages added.
Return Windows OS Version, Custom DragIcon, Create Round Forms, and Disable CheckboxList Items.

August 09, 2004
VB.NET: Tips and code examples including Permutation, DropDown Binding, and Fix Null.

July 30, 2004
tutorial002.html: Working with selectedIndex

July 28, 2004
Unscrambler (novusoft shareware)
Can be used to unscramble words and quickly solve puzzles / word jumble problems.

March 10, 2004
tableaddrow.html: Table Add Row (and Delete)

January 16, 2004
Number Format Page 3: Move Decimal Place

August 23, 2003
helperror.html - Added - New Windows Tip. Help links not working?

January 02, 2003
The MREDKJ main page has been redesigned using a site map format.

November 15, 2002
links.html - updated

November 13, 2002
javascript/calendar.html - updated

November 13, 2002
javascript/index.html - updated

November 13, 2002
other/sharing.html - updated

November 9, 2002
tutorials/tips_ie.html - updated

September 27, 2002
Arguments for and against file sharing, with a focus on trading MP3s.
File Sharing: A debate

August 08, 2002
Scalable Vector Graphics section added.

August 01, 2002
This code wraps text to a specified number of characters per line.
It does this by using several api calls and a fixed width font.
VB Quicktakes - WordWrap

June 08, 2002
JavaScript to display a calendar month or year in a web page.
Calendar Display

May 27, 2002
Spam? Gibberish? AI Bot? Aliens?
Chronicle - Email

January 4, 2002
Happy New Year.
Random Thoughts have resumed.

September 18, 2001
Remember the victims of the September 11 tragedy.
Show support.
Display a ribbon on your web page:

June 29, 2001
KeyPress Validation
- Real time validation of a text input using the KeyPress event. Explanation and example.

May 25, 2001
Added miscellaneous section of MREDKJ that doesn't quite fit into "play", "learn", and "run". Take a break and browse on through to the other side.

May 19, 2001
The menu now pops up in a new window. It may take a moment to load because of the JavaScript logic.

May 14, 2001
Monty Hall Dilemma
- This is a JavaScript simulation of the Monty Hall three doors probability problem. Pick a door, one will be revealed, then choose between the remaining two. Stick with your first pick or switch? Which has better odds?

February 17, 2001
Customized Pace Calculator
- Customize your own Pace Calculator look and feel. Put one on your own web site.
- Part of the new Pace Calculator section

February 10, 2001
Windows Tips: Internet Explorer
- Can't view source in Internet Explorer? Find out how to fix this.

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JavaScript: KeyPress Validation
JavaScript: Monty Hall Dilemma
JavaScript: Pace Calculator Customized
JavaScript: Pace Calculator section
MREDKJ: Miscellaneous
Windows Tips: Internet Explorer
Red Cross
9/11 Ribbons

Places to go at MREDKJ

(old and new : list updated 19-November-2002)

VB Quicktakes
This code wraps text to a specified number of characters per line.
It does this by using several api calls and a fixed width font.

The index page for the Other section of MREDKJ.com.
Includes drawings, random thoughts, and more.

(old and new : list updated 08-August-2002)

SVG Memory Game
The game displays a series of colors,
and the goal is to recall them in order.

Be Not Popular
Essay: An Argument Against Being Popular (for web sites)

(old and new : list updated 08-June-2002)

VB Quicktakes
A list of useful code functions/modules
which can be easily modified to be used in Visual Basic apps.

Calendar Display
Using the Calendar Display custom JavaScript object,
the current date is displayed below in a calendar view.

Top 25* Bad Requests
(Week of April-21 to April-27-2002)

Here are the top bad url requests to mredkj.com for the selected week.
* Some are not listed, because they are vulnerability attacks.

03. /favicon.ico (19) - mredkj doesn't have a favicon, but thanks for bookmarking us.
13. /robots.txt (9) - Spiders look for robots.txt (don't have this either)
14. /javascript/images/pixel.gif (7) - Fixed this.
15. /images/usflag.png (4) - Some browsers may not support PNG image files.
16. /Flash/EasterEgg.gif (2) - Not quite sure.
17. /javascript/numberFormat.com (2) - Someone might have typed this incorrectly into the browser.
18. /javascript/images/iblink.gif (2) - Fixed this. Incorrect reference in our weird javascript sample.
19. /javascript/images/spiderwalk1.gif (2) - ditto.
20. /javascript/images/spiderwalk2.gif (2) - ditto.
21. /javascript/images/spiderwalk3.gif (2) - ditto.
22. /index.html (1) - Should have worked. Maybe the server was unavailable.
24. /resume.html (1) - This résumé is not posted to mredkj anymore.
25. /pacecalcs.html (1) - Typed into browser incorrectly (that was me).


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